I'm using my own headset and PC. How can I install Embodied Labs on my own?

Installing Embodied Labs on your own VR-ready PC

If you're providing your own hardware, please check out our requirements first.

Once you have the required hardware, and have received your Welcome Email, you're ready to install Embodied Labs. Here are the steps:

  1. If you already have Embodied Labs installed, please uninstall it through the Windows Start Menu > Apps & Features list.
  2. Plug your headset into your PC.
  3. Download and run the Leap Motion installer.
  4. Download and run the Embodied Labs installer.
  5. Once launched, you'll be prompted to choose your headset from the menu.

If you're using a Windows Mixed Reality or VIVE headset, please set up your headset in Mixed Reality Portal first. You'll also be prompted to run an OpenVR update, which may take up to an hour to download.

If you're using an Oculus headset, please set up your headset in Oculus Home first. You'll need to allow Unknown sources under Settings > General order to run the labs:


6. Now, your headset should be set up and ready to go! If you haven't yet created your Embodied Labs administrator account, please use the activation email you received to create an account.

7. Finally, sign in and download the modules. You're ready to begin using the labs!


Having an issue? Please contact our support team.