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How to use VR with a Group over Zoom

Here's how to share the VR labs over Zoom video conferencing.

You'll need Zoom Client for Meetings installed on your PC. Screen and audio share in this guide will not work when running Zoom in your browser.

Once Zoom Client for Meetings is installed, you're welcome to use either of:

Video Walkthrough Guide:

HubSpot Video

Written Instructions:

1. On a Zoom call, to share the introductory slides before each lab with your learners.

  • When you have the slide up on your screen that you want them to see, press the green "Share Screen" button at bottom middle

  • Choose to share "Screen 1" 

  • Check the checkbox "Share sound". (You won't need the other checkbox "Optimize for video clip" yet.)

  • Press the blue "Share" button at bottom right


2. When you reach this "Personalize your fit" screen, press Zoom's red "Stop Share" button.

To share the VR experience, toggle the switch shown above to ON. 

Put your thumb in front of the headset sensor. To locate the sensor, you can find it right in-between the two lenses - where you put your eyes - inside of the headset. This is a bit easier than having to put the headset on to launch the VR and taking it back off.

  • After a couple of seconds, you'll see a new window pop up.

  • Your VR experience will load in that window and then you'll see "Thumbs up to begin". 


If the above VR experience window  (thumbs up to begin) or the Zoom window mentioned below aren't easy to see, you can bring them up to the foreground by clicking on their icon in the taskbar at lower left of your screen. 


Navigate back to Zoom for a moment.

  • Press "Screen Share"

  • Check the two little checkboxes at bottom left "Share computer sound" and "Optimize screen sharing for video clip"

  • DO NOT share Screen 1 this time

  • Instead, in the list of window options, find the window that shows "Thumbs up to begin" and has the name of the lab and module you're about to do (e.g. Beatriz1). Choose that window.

  • Press the blue "Share" button at bottom right

Go ahead into the lab.


3. What you'll see on your screen:


4. What your learners see (full size of computer screen):


5. If you take off the headset to stop mid-experience. 

  • To restart the lab experience, put your headset back on

  • To quit:

    • press "End VR" in the white window OR

    • choose X in the top right corner of the VR experience window


Both of the above options will un-share the Zoom screen, and you will see a Zoom confirmation message that screen sharing has been stopped.