I need help setting up an Admin or User account

There are three types of Users or accounts to define data permission levels. Each User can be given a custom, descriptive Role to identify key personnel.

You can view both Users and Roles under the Users tab in the Dashboard menu.


Roles can be assigned to further describe different types or personnel at your organization. You can add custom roles such as Staff Member, Site Champion, Cohort One, etc. These will appear in user profiles and can be assigned to users during the editing process:
  1. Click on the name of the user you want to edit.
  2. Select the Edit icon in the upper right.
  3. From here you can assign a Role, revise their email, assign them to another license (if available), and upgrade their permissions (if allowed).
Important: Don’t forget to click the Save button after you finish editing!

Accounts and User Permissions

There are three types of user accounts: Organizational Administrator, Site Administrator, and End User. User permissions are separate from Roles, and determine what someone can view, edit, and do in the Embodied Labs Dashboard.
  • Organizational Administrators can view data across multiple sites and licenses, create users and assign them to a site, edit user permissions, create roles, and access the experiences.
  • Site Administrators can view data for their site/license, create users at their site, create roles, and access the experiences.
  • End Users can view their own completion progress and access the experiences.


Note: Your assessment responses are anonymous. Modules that you have completed or not completed can be viewed by your organization or site administrator.