Why don't I see any data in my Dashboard?

It's possible that your Embodied Labs stations are not connected to the internet, or your users have not yet completed any labs.

Your Embodied Labs stations will need to connect to the internet in order to transmit any data to the Dashboard. If your Embodied Labs stations are connected, and you’re still not seeing any data, please contact support@embodiedlabs.com.

Furthermore, your access to data depends on your user level. End users only have access to their respective data. Site and organizational administrators are able to see data for users at their location or within the entire organization respectively.

In order for data to be present, users will need to login on their individual accounts, complete labs, and take assessments.


Note: Administrators cannot see your individual responses to questions. They are only able to see what module(s) you’ve taken and the overall assessment scores for the site or organization.