My volume/speaker/microphone is too loud/quiet - how do I change it?

Adjusting the volume levels

When sharing the labs with a group, you may wish to adjust the volume of the labs or your own voice in the experience.


Headset/Speaker Volume

To adjust the volume level of the labs, the quickest way is using the headset and speaker volume slider on the Personalize your fit (before putting on the headset) or Experience Paused (after taking off the headset) screen:

If your headset has volume buttons on the bottom of the visor, you can also have the user adjust the volume using those.


Finally, you can change the volume using the Windows quick volume setting in the toolbar in the bottom-right of your screen by left clicking the sound icon:


Microphone Volume

Your headset and laptop each have a built-in microphone. To change the volume level of the microphones:

1. Right click the speaker icon in the Windows toolbar of the bottom-right of your screen, and select Open sound settings.



2. Once settings are open, click on Device properties under Input.



3. Adjust the volume level for that microphone. To adjust a different microphone, return back to the sound settings menu and select a different input device. Your laptop's microphone is usually named Microphone (Realtek Audio) and your headset's microphone is likely named Microphone Array.