Use Cases & Case Studies

Be inspired by how others have previously integrated Embodied Labs into their training, teaching, and research.

Staff Training:



Communications, Physiotherapy & Social Work:

  • Nazareth College (Presentation from the 2021 Frameless VR Symposium) - Embodied Labs in Communication Sciences & Disorders, Social Work, and Physical Therapy classes


  • Flood, Lisa Sue DNP, RN, CNE. Use of Virtual Reality Simulations to Embody a Patient: Exploring the Impact on Nursing Students' Confidence, Feelings, and Perceptions. Nurse Educator 49(1):p 36-40, January/February 2024. |  
  • Tomy, T., Neumann, C., Vognsen, J., & Major, S. (2023). Immersive and screen-based virtual reality simulations enhance empathy. International Journal of Healthcare Simulation2(2), 58–61.
  • Gómez-Morales, A., Coon, D., Joseph, R., & Pipe, T. (2023). Behind the scenes of a technologically enhanced intervention for caregivers of people with dementia: Protocol for a feasibility and acceptability study. JMIR Research Protocols12
  • Gugliucci, M., Saunders, P., & Washington, E. (2021). Embodying the aging experience: How virtual reality is transforming medical and nursing education. Innovation in Aging5(Supplement_1), 60–61.
  • Additional Peer Reviewed Journals & Publications 


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