These webinars can be helpful in envisioning how you may integrate the lab experiences into your training or teaching.

Introducing The Rosie Lab - Home Health Assessments

Passionately co-created with the Central California Training Academy, our newest Immersive Experience empowers learners to evaluate health and safety risks by honing their observation, communication, and assessment skills as they embody Natalie Ramos, a social worker performing a series of home visits to Rosie.


1. This behind-the-scenes highlight video (CLICK HERE TO WATCH) includes:  

  • Why Co-Creation and the Co-Creation Process

  • Social Workers Training Challenges (1:41)

  • Gamified Interactive Red Flags / Arriving at a Residence  (3:16)

  • Branching Narratives and Opportunities to Repeat the Lab Experiences More Than Once (4:00)

  • How To Facilitate (5:19)

2. This full September 2022 webinar (CLICK HERE TO WATCH) includes:

  • The behind-the-scenes highlight video, with insights from our CCTA co-creators on the drive behind creating this lab, what the process was like, and facilitation ideas

  • Demo of the Assessing Client Capacity module in VR over Zoom mode (9:32)

  • A Q&A Session between Co-Creators, the Embodied Labs team, and Webinar Attendees, thinking through how to use these labs in their training and teaching (25:23)


Integrating Embodied Labs into a Curriculum


Be inspired by our academic partners' June 2022 discussion on how they use Embodied Labs in their curriculums, including:

  • Jessica Allen
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Birmingham-Southern College
  • Eden Donahue
    Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Nursing 
    ​California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt
  • Sonya Lemke
    Health Sciences Librarian
    Arkansas Colleges of Health Education
  • Pamela A. Saunders
    Associate Professor & Program Director, Aging & Health Program
    Director, Geriatrics Clerkship
    Georgetown University
  • Kevin McDonough
    Reference Librarian, Professor
    Northern Michigan University
  • Lisa Flood
    Professor, Nursing Faculty
    Northern Michigan University

Introducing The Eden Lab – Trans Health & LGBT Aging


Experience a series of defining moments of many transgender older adults living today.

Speakers in this June 2020 Eden Lab Launch Webinar:

  • Dr. Marilyn Gugliucci
    Professor and Director of Geriatrics Research
    University of New England
  • Dr. Jaime Hannans
    Associate Professor of Nursing
    California State University Channel Islands
  • Dr. Tonia Nguyen
    Project Coordinator & Trainer
    Front Porch Communities
  • Erin Washington
    Embodied Labs