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How can I assess or better understand the effect of the lab experiences on my learners?

To understand how your learners’ perspectives and care practice change as a result of their Embodied Labs experiences, we recommend setting up pre and post assessments. 

Each lab comes with a standard pre- and a standard post-assessment already set up.

(Your customer success representative can share a .pdf version for easier reading, if helpful.) 


1. Once you've reviewed the standard assessments, you're welcome to:
  • use them as-is
  • request changes
  • decide not to use assessments (you can always add them back later)


2. We'll set up the assessments in our system, according to your choices.

3. After setup, plan to access and review your assessment results on a regular basis over time.

  • to ensure completion by your learners
  • to understand the how your learners’ perspectives and care practice have changed as a result of their Embodied Labs experiences

Here are a few examples of assessment data collected from learners doing Embodied Labs experiences over time:

  • 173% increase in agreement that individuals with conditions such as visual impairment can live meaningful fulfilling lives
  • 79% of staff said that their experience embodying a resident in immersive experiences positively affected their ability to communicate with residents in their care 
  • 95% increase in understanding the perspective of older adults