Getting Started - Get an Account, Access Online, Set up and Access in VR.

Here is what you'll need to get started using Embodied Labs.

  1. Look for your email invitation to create an account.

(If your subscription is new, your Embodied Labs customer success rep will send this. If your organization has subscribed for a while, your colleague will send it.)  
    1. Click “create a password” inside that email
    2. This login and password are good for accessing Embodied Labs both online and in VR.
  1. Embodied Labs Web Immersive Online Platform

    1. Log in at
    2. Watch the video walkthrough here for further details.
  2. How to set up your VR kit (headset and laptop) - watch this video

    1. You will want to use your VR kit somewhere with reliable internet access. 
      1. Plugging the laptop into an ethernet cable is best, if possible.
      2. If that’s not possible, we recommend doing your training sessions where you have the fastest and most reliable wifi connection available. 
      3. Our full recommendations on internet connection speed can be found here.