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How can I facilitate conversations between learners, so they reflect on and better retain their experience?

Here ways to help learners reflect on their lab experiences and what those experiences mean for their care practice.

  1. Use questions from the post-experience Reflect, Connect, and Apply Slides to facilitate conversations with and between your learners. 


  2. Use the Support Guide questions to facilitate conversations with and between the learners. Link the learners' in-lab experiences back to the people they meet or will meet in their professional and personal lives, and the situations they're likely to encounter.

    • Most Instructors pause after each module, or part of a lab, to discuss and reflect with learners.  You are welcome to do the same or wait until you have completed all the modules you have planned.

  3. Consider assigning the learners a short written reflection assignment to have them review and think through what they experienced. 

  4. Consider assigning other labs or other modules to follow up on or consolidate what the learners just completed. We can recommend which lab experiences work together well to achieve the learning outcomes you're looking for.