Implementing Embodied Labs - Support Guides

These downloadable guides will help you incorporate the Embodied Labs experiences into your training or teaching.

1. Quick Start Facilitation Guides for Each Lab Experience  

These quick start guides include both learning objectives and discussion-starter questions for each lab experience. They're handy to jump start discussion and reflection around each module.

Introduction webinars are also currently available for our Eden and Rosie Lab experiences. These can be found with our Additional Support Materials (See #5 below). 

2. In-Depth Facilitation Guides and Non-Embodied Labs Informative Links and Activities

These original, more in-depth Facilitation Guides and non-Embodied Labs informative links may also be helpful with implementing the lab experiences. 

3. For Your First Sessions 

Download and print these handy one-pagers to keep beside you.

4. Assessments

To understand how your learners’ perspectives and care practice change as a result of their Embodied Labs experiences, we recommend setting up pre and post assessments. 

Click here for more details on setting up, customizing, and using assessments. 

5.  Additional Support Materials

For more in-depth materials, including case studies, lab completion certificates, and introductory webinars, log into, and click on the “Resources” tab.