Implementing Embodied Labs - Support Guides

These downloadable support guides are useful to help you incorporate the Embodied Labs experiences into your training or teaching.

1. Facilitation Guides for each lab

2. Experiences Overview

This Experiences Overview is a quick overview of each module of each lab. It includes both learning objectives and discussion-starter questions. 

  • This, along with the Immersive Experiences Library on, can be helpful for deciding which lab to use first with your learners.
  • These questions can also help to jump start discussion and reflection around each module.

3. Assessments

Each lab comes with a standard pre- and standard post-assessment. 

  • If you may wish to use these assessments, your customer success rep can share a version of the standard ones with you, for your review.   
  • Once you've reviewed them, you're welcome to:
    • use them as-is
    • request changes
    • decide not to use assessments
  • Please let your customer success rep know what you decide. 

4. Getting into the Headset for the First Time

If you're sharing your VR experience via a TV screen with a group of learners, this guide can be helpful to read a few minutes beforehand, to help you (or a learner you'll put in the headset), to make the experience the best it can be for those watching along over the TV screen.

A guide is provided for both:

5.  Additional Support Materials

For more, including case studies, lab completion certificates, and introductory webinars, log into, and click on the “Resources” tab.