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How Do I Add One or More New People to My Embodied Labs Account?

Here's how to add one new person or a group of new people all at once.

Identify which permission level you want the new people to have

  • Users are your learners, anyone who will experience the labs without needing to see any data.
  • Site Admins are other facilitators, who can manage users and view reports.

1. Log into the Embodied Labs online platform: app.embodiedlabs.com

2. Choose from among the following invite options:

(a) To Invite One New Person (Site Admin or User)

  • Click on the "Users" tab at the top
  • Choose "New User"
  • In the form that appears, fill in contact details for the new person, including choosing a permission level (see above in the blue box for more on that)
  • Click "Create User"
  • Your new person will receive an email
    • In that email, they will click "Create Password", and will be prompted to choose a password for themselves, and click "Set Password"
    • Then, your new person will be able to log in for themselves at app.embodiedlabs.com
  • If your account creation has a spot for "User Identifier", will that box in with the user's email.

(b) To Invite A Group Of New Learners (Users) At One Time To Create Accounts For Themselves

  • Click on the "Users" tab at the top
  • Choose "Share Invite Link"
  • In the "Invite Users" box that appears, there are 2 key details: 
    • A registration link 
    • A license code
  • Choose "Copy" to copy those details
  • Paste them into an email to the learners you would like to add. 
  • Add any necessary context, and then send that email off to your learners
    • When the learner opens the email, they will click on the registration link
    • On the "Create Account" page that appears, they will need to fill in the license code, and create a username and password 
    • Once all the necessary details are filled in, the learner will click on the blue "Create Account" button
    • After that, they will log in at app.embodiedlabs.com

(c) To Have A Group Of Learners All Use The Same Generic Account

(Note that this option means you won't be able to verify that one specific person has completed a specific assigned lab.)  

To create a generic account, use the instructions in "2. To Invite One New Person (Site Admin or User)" above.
  • Create an account with a generic username and password.
  • Then, send these instructions to your group of learners:
    • Log in at app.embodiedlabs.com
    • Generic Username (the one that you create)
    • Generic Password (the one that you create)

(d) Set Up To Track the Individual Progress of a Large Group of Learners or Learners Without Work Email Addresses - Instructions Here