What do I need to start using Embodied Labs in VR?

The requirements and specs to get started with using Embodied Labs in virtual reality.


What's needed to run Embodied Labs VR desktop app?


While we offer a complete VR kit to include with your subscription, you may opt to use your own hardware. Here are the requirements to get started with Embodied Labs:



  • VR-ready PC. You can use the Oculus or Windows Mixed Reality minimum requirements/specs as a reference. 
    Matte Black | 15+ Minimalist Macbook Cases | Slick Case
  • VR headset. We recommend a wipeable PU leather face pad for cleaning between uses. Here are the headsets we support:
    • Windows Mixed Reality
      • HP Reverb G1/G2
      • Samsung Odyssey+
    • Oculus
      • Rift CV1
      • Rift S
    • VIVE/SteamVR
      • VIVE/VIVE Pro
      • Valve Index

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  • Leap Motion controller with VR mount.
    This replaces the handheld controllers that came with your headset. It mounts on the front of your headset, and connects through a cable to your PC, just as your headset does. The Ultraleap website offers a few resellers, and here are two resellers for quick reference: Robotshop and Arrow.
  • A valid Embodied Labs subscription.
    To start your subscription, please contact our sales team.


Have a question about the requirements? Please contact our support team.