How to pre-download the labs (4.0)

With Embodied Labs 4.0, you're now able to pre-download labs to your PC so that they always play in full quality

NOTE: Embodied Labs still requires an internet connection, but this solution will allow the labs to play in full quality without the worry of streaming.

This feature is useful for those who find themselves in a location with slow internet, this way you're not having to worry about streaming and buffering the experiences. 

Installing our app is required for this process.

1. If you have the Embodied Labs app installed, you can launch any lab and you'll see a download button appear along the timeline.


2. When the button is pressed, you'll see a percentage, and once finished, the button will be replaced with a check mark symbol.

NOTE: If the percentage doesn't make it all the way to 100%, you can feel free to refresh to make sure it still shows up with the check mark.

This process needs to be done with every lab that you'd like to have predownloaded.


Our full internet connection speed recommendations can be found here