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How do I prepare to integrate Embodied Labs into my training or teaching?

Here's how to choose which lab experience to use first, and guidance on setting up the equipment and facilitating a lab.


1. Decide which lab(s) you’d like to use first by reviewing our Immersive Experiences Library at embodiedlabs.com. 


2. Look for Support Guides on how to best use your lab of choice.

  • Both the Facilitation Guides and the Experiences Overview guide include some discussion questions meant to help you get started facilitating with the labs.

    • You're welcome to personalize and change these questions as much or as little as you want to suit your learners’ needs, and as you become more familiar and comfortable with the labs. 


3. Consider how you’d like to set up for the training sessions you have in mind.

There are flexible options for 1-1, small groups, and team learning across multiple sites, asynchronous or instructor-led, in-person or remote. 

  • This Setup Modes Overview includes in one page:
    • setup options
    • step by step how to set up each option
    • why each of the various options may make sense for your next training session


4. To understand how your learners’ perspectives have changed or how the care they give will change as a result of their Embodied Labs experiences, we recommend setting up pre and post assessments as part of your preparations.