What are some Best Practices for Using Embodied Labs?

Here are some key things to plan for when you first start using Embodied Labs.

1. Pre-check your internet connection at your training locations. 

2. Sit down in a swivel chair when you’re inside the headset.

3. At the beginning of your session using the VR kit:

  • Turn on the laptop and let it fully start up.
  • Plug in the headset. This automatically starts Mixed Reality Portal and you’ll see it come up on the laptop screen.
    • MRP is like a bridge that lets us run the Embodied Labs app.  
    • Press minus button (-) at top right to minimize it, but DON’T close it. 
    • Open the Embodied Labs app and Log In with your username and password.
  • At the end of your VR session, turn off the laptop and unplug your headset from your laptop. 

4. When sharing your VR experience with a group over Zoom or in-person on a big TV:

  • Move slowly, as if you were doing tai chi or yoga.
  • What you see in the headset doesn’t exactly translate to what the group sees on the big screen, so you may need to look up or down, or scan around more than you would expect.

5. Embodied Labs web immersive can be used in two ways.

  • Instructor-Led (Synchronous) Web Immersive - for instructors who will demonstrate a lab from their own laptops

  • Sendable (Asynchronous) Web Immersive - for learner groups to do on their own computers on their own time

  • More on how to use these two modes can be found here


For our recommendations on how to successfully implement the labs in your training or teaching click here.