What do I need to start using Embodied Labs Online?

Here is what you need to use Embodied Labs Online, our web immersive platform, and recommendations to make your experience the best it can be.

What’s needed to start? 

A PC or a Mac computer with Google Chrome browser (64-bit version). 

To maximize your experience:

  • You will want to be somewhere with reliable internet access.
    • A minimum download speed of 20mbps is recommended.
    • Here's a speed test you can use to test your network connection speed. 
  • Plugging the laptop into an ethernet cable is best, if possible.
  • If that’s not possible, we recommend doing your training sessions where you have the fastest and most reliable wi-fi connection available. 
  • Use Google Chrome browser (64-bit version).
  • Close any other Chrome tabs before you begin.

Log in to access the web immersive platform at: app.embodiedlabs.com