How do I use Embodied Labs' web immersive lab experiences?

Here is how to use our web immersive platform, plus a few recommendations to make your experience the best it can be.

To maximize your experience, strong, reliable internet access is key.

  • If you often train in different locations, an internet hotspot could help ensure a reliable connection over time. 


Embodied Labs Web Immersive Experiences can be used in two ways:


1. Instructor-Led (Synchronous) Web Immersive

    • For instructors who will demonstrate a lab from their own laptops
      • Pre-download Embodied Labs to the laptop you’ll be using
        • This is especially important if you'll be in a different training location than usual, whether in a different room or at a different address entirely
      • Once you're onsite at your training location, plug the laptop into an ethernet cable if possible.
        • If that’s not possible, we recommend doing your training sessions where you have the fastest and most reliable wi-fi connection available 
      • Log in by clicking on the Embodied Labs icon on the desktop


2. Sendable (Asynchronous) Web Immersive 

    • Share (or your custom URL if you have one) with your remote learner group (-e.g. by email or by posting to your LMS)
    • Have the learners create accounts to log in (or log directly into the custom URL) via a browser, and do experiences on their own time
      • Review which experiences your learners have completed by looking at the Analytics